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September 22, 2009

Should The Detroit 3 Take Silicon Valley’s Advice?

Filed under: Uncategorized — Joe Turner @ 6:15 pm

I read an article on Automotive News  today where Silicon Valley venture capitalist offered Detroit some advice..Start Over.

So is starting over the only way for Ford, GM and Chrysler to succeed in the new economy? 

There could be some good advice in there.  Alot of the woes that face Detroit today stem from an old and over grown business model that is slow to react to the changing market. 

Many of the things that make today’s start-ups so competitive is that they are nimble and quick to not only respond to a changing market but to also foresee changes before they occur. 

Perhaps Detroit might be wise to listen or at least see what they can do to become more nimble. 

Just a thought.


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