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September 24, 2009

Are you ready? Encouraging signs suggest you should be!

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I read some very good news this morning.  Actually two articles both of which suggest that the market is starting it’s return. 

First there was the article in Automotive News that said that AutoNation has begun to acquire new stores and has increased their order for new vehicles.  CEO Mike Jackson said “We’re not afraid to buy Ford or Chevy franchises where we were in the past,”.  That’s GREAT news when you consider that AutoNation was one of the first mega groups to start cutting cost at the beginning of this downturn. 

As if that were not enough to get a real car guy excited, I then read that Ford CEO, Alan Mulally feels that the market is beginning the upturn.

It got me thinking about when the economy started to rebound after 9/11.  I remember that there were a few dealers that really got a head start on the returning market.  It was those dealers that had huge successes.

So if I were back in a dealership today what would I do right now? 

I would assess the state of my store’s marketing plan.  How will these returning customers find you?  

Do you have a great website that not only looks good, but allows you to add specials in minutes not days? 

Are those specials optimized so that the most relevant special for that unique visitor shows upon them landing on the site? 

Does your website have off-site authority based SEO techniques that not only drive traffic to your site but put your inventory on the search results listings?

Now is the time to get ready, because some very smart people are already doing that.  If you’re not ready maybe your competitor is?

Just a thought…


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