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September 25, 2009

Magic Bullets?

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Another day has come and gone and reading the late news stories I see all kinds of articles but one that really jumped out is by Phil Sura on Digital Dealer

Phil rightfully pointed out that;  “This is similar to the Internet manager or general manager looking for the one idea that will take their Internet department to superstar status. That one idea doesn’t exist. The market is too complex.”

He went to say that;  retail leaders in the automotive Internet space are constantly making adjustments to modifying their approach since the market is evolving. You may have the perfect SEO strategy one day and Google changes the analytics and three dealers across town jump ahead of you with the key searches. I would suggest that it is research and time on the “course,” which leads to a better understanding of the game, which leads to a stronger scorecard. “

Great advice Phil.  Start out with a plan, work the plan and adjust as you measure your results. 

Just a thought…

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