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October 1, 2009

If I had…

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I was talking with a friend the other day and both of us use to work in dealership's not too long ago.  We were discussing how awesome it would be to have a store or group today as compared with just a few years ago.
Today, most Dealers and GMs not only "get" the Internet many even understand what an important role it plays in the store's overall marketing plan. 
Today, there is no need to have a "Floor" sales team and an "Internet" sales team.  Nearly everyone has at some point been online and looked at your website before walking on your lot.  So you should just simply have Sales Consultants.
Today, we can do amazing things with the website and inventory.  With a small, inexpensive, video camera you can have short videos about each car online in minutes.  If I were selling cars today, I would have one of these cameras on me at all times.  I would send EVERY prospect I had at least 2 videos. 
  • The first would be me describing the process and why they should buy from me. 
  • The second would be a quick informative, and hopefully entertaining, video walk around. 
 Remember the road to the sale?  Even though there are many versions, nearly all had at or near the top "Sell Yourself."  The first video helps you sell yourself and your store.  The second video addresses arguably one of the most important, yet almost forgotten, part of the sale;  The Presentation.
When I first started selling to Internet customers in 1998, the medium did not allow for these critical elements so we as an industry let them slide.  Back then what separated you from the others was if you even responded to their email.
Today, if you want to sale cars you had better learn or relearn the New Road to The Sale.  I will be addressing what I believe to be today's version this month. 
The recovery seems to be picking up steam so follow all of my post in October to help you get ready to sell.  Their gonna buy a car, might as well be from you…
Just a thought…
As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me 714-937-1239 x280

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