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October 4, 2009

The power of social marketing

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Talk about a bad week, first Toyota recalled 3.8 million autos in what could cost as much as $100 million and then they get sued for "Terror Marketing."  Akio Toyoda even referenced the book "How the Mighty Fall" by Jim Collins, saying that his company was grasping for salvation
Let me start by saying that this is NOT a bash Toyota article.  What I took from all of this was how Social Marketing has become a primary means of reaching buyers.  In this case Toyota and Saatchi got it wrong in a classic what were they thinking moment.  As a dealer you could use Social Marketing in a less dramatic and more effective way. 
Like I said the other day, I would use Social Marketing as today's version of the Meet & Greet. Paul Rushing recently said on his blog that you should look at social sites very much like a cocktail party.  You wouldn't run around a party asking what kind of a car everybody is looking for, and you shouldn't do that on Facebook either.  If you were at a party you would probably just tell people what you do and hand out a few cards.  If someone were looking for a car they would take the conversation further.  That's the way to use social sites.
So think about your dealership's efforts from that perspective, are you pitching non-stop?  Social sites and social marketing have the potential to really take your sales to a whole new level, they also have the ability to humble giants.
Just a thought…

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