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October 9, 2009

Today’s road to the sale, Building Rapport and technology

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This month I am taking a look at the Road to the Sale and seeing how I might adapt the steps for the new digital world.  The other day we looked at the Meet and Greet, today let’s look at building rapport. 


Deep down, I still think that the greatest job in the world is selling cars.  I loved it on day and part of me longs to do it again.  If I were selling today, I would be a Social Media PRO.  Notice that I said “I” and not the store. 


Personal Branding today is so easy and yet so important.  If you sell cars today and do not have a Facebook page, you’re crazy.  Not only would I have a Facebook page but I would buy those little ads in the youth league and school programs and point them to my Facebook site.  I would have a Twitter account and talk about the car business, talk about new models that are coming, talk about your service department, send out seasonal reminders about wipers etc…  The point is talk about anything that’s interesting to you.  


On your Facebook page talk about your family,  post pictures of Little League games etc.. but as Paul Rushing so aptly pointed out the other day, do NOT try to sell via Facebook.  Instead use Facebook to “Sell Yourself.” 


Remember this business always has been and will always be a people business.  And one of the first lessons in this business is “People buy from people they like.”  So use Social Media sites to show potential customers why they should like you, in other words establish common ground.


Previously, I mentioned that you as a Salesperson should have your own Facebook page.  The store should have either a Fan Page or Group page.  The store’s page should be used to send out “press releases” about your store, your brand, your market etc. 


You should also use this page to provide customers an easy forum to communicate with your dealer.  I am currently reading a book titled “Socialnomics” that cited a recent study that said a majority of people would rather do without their email than their social networking.  Today’s consumers are far more likely to blog about you than email you.  If you provide them the space you’re more likely to stay on top of potentially irritated customers and respond promptly to save a relationship.  And in today’s market that’s what its all about. 


If I were a General Manager, Owner or Service Manager I would make sure that my Service advisors have a Facebook page as well.


I believe that technology has actually made the “Establishing Rapport” part of the road to the sale easier than ever for those that are willing to embrace it.


Just a thought…


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