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October 13, 2009

Got 30 seconds, how about a walk-around?

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According Sean Bradley of Dealer Synergy there are really only three things that need to happen in a sale.  The first is the opportunity to do business, which occurs when the customer submitted their request.  Next, you have to get the customer to like and trust you, which we covered in the two previous posts. 
So now you have to show the customer what you have to offer, what makes you better than the rest.  And again with technology today, the possibilities are endless.  Using an inexpensive video camera you could do a brief 30 second walk-around of the vehicle their interested in along with one from a few other similar cars.  The trick is to keep it short and sweet.  They still need to come in so save something for the real presentation.  Think of it as an elevator pitch.  You have 30 seconds to tell them about that car so they will want to come in and get a closer look.
Remember, it's not always price that drives their final decision.  In fact, there have been numerous studies that show many things factor in to their decision to buy. 
For many it's about convenience.  Do you offer to take the car to them?
Others want a specific color or option, are you willing to locate what they're looking for?
Reputation is a factor for many as well.  do you video your satisfied customers and put those videos online? 
Make this week the week you take a step forward and try something different and see what new results come from it.  A fast response means nothing if you don't sell a car.  That was one thing I always did was try new things.  Some worked great  and others did not.  But I always tried and through that process sold more cars than anyone else at the dealership.
So what will you do this week?
Just a thought…

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