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October 16, 2009

Video your walk around today.

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As the week winds down and let's talk about the Presentation.  In most cases the customer still has to come in to actually sign the papers and complete the transaction, so there will still be a real presentation done at that time.  But to really set you apart from the other guys, why not do a killer virtual presentation? 
Have one of co-workers follow-you around the car with a small video camera.  Remember to keep it to short segments so do a spot at the front and talk about the engine and performance.  Then move the passenger side and talk about the safety and styling features and benefits. 
However you normally do your walk around just break it into small segments.  Stay ENTHUSIASTIC, they're not in front of you so you want your confidence to burst out of the video.  Keep in mind that the object here is twofold.  First, to tell then about the car.  Second, to MAKE YOU STAND OUT from the other dealerships.
There was a  friend of mine in Nashville that started doing live Saturday morning commercials.  They were ok, but did not generate the response that he really wanted.  So one Saturday he started acting like that guy on the car king show and Saturday traffic went crazy. 
I think the trick is to be just hokey enough to catch and HOLD their attention, while not being so loony that they won't come in.  But,the great news is we're talking about short clips to one customer so go ahead and experiment. 
This is still a people business and you can use technology to sell yourself, the store and the car. 
Just a thought…

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