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November 3, 2009

A great book and you’ll support our veterans as well!

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When you Pre-Order “Never Fly Solo” by Lt Col Rob “Waldo” Waldman he will donate 100% of advance purchases to veterans in need.  Watch the video at


November 2, 2009

TK Carsites Recognized For Excellence in 2009 Automotive Search Marketing Report

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The Automotive Search Marketing report issued by the Pasch Consulting Group identifies TK Carsites as one of the top website platforms in the automotive industry.


The Pasch Consulting Groups 2009 Automotive Search Marketing Architecture (ASMA) report released at this years Digital Dealer Conference recognizes TK Carsites as one of top industry leaders in automotive website platforms. Major improvements to TK Carsite web platforms including a Google SEO compliant inventory module, embedded blogging , and dynamic homepage banner graphics earned them the Super Charged Search Marketing merit award.

The 2nd annual ASMA report seeks to provide car dealers with an unbiased evaluation of automotive website platforms and integrated search marketing tools. The 2009 ASMA study included a review of 34 automotive website providers and highlights 9 companies as industry leaders in automotive search marketing.

TK Carsites “Super Charged Search” award was based on their utilization of search marketing strategies that are not leveraged by other automotive website vendors. According to Brian Pasch, CEO of the Pasch Consulting Group and underwriter of the ASMA report, Microsites and landing pages are not new to the search marketing community, but how TK Carsites implements these two strategies delivers unparalleled results.

In addition to their cutting edge on-site SEO tactics, the company also offers off-site SEO services and social media marketing tools that generate traffic formerly unheard of in the automotive industry. Pasch added, Of all website providers reviewed in this study, TK Carsites is the only vendor we consider who is pushing the SEO and Social Media envelope.

This years top rated platforms received the first ever engraved ASMA award in honor of their achievement. The results of the 2009 ASMA report were announced to attendees of the 7th Digital Dealer conference in Nashville.

More information about TK Carsites is available online at http://www.tkcarsites.com/

About Pasch Consulting Group

The Pasch Consulting Group is an automotive Internet marketing company and works with all major dealer platforms when providing Internet marketing services to car dealers across the nation. PCG focuses on off-site SEO strategies, geo-targeted lead generation, search engine marketing and Internet reputation management.

Brian Pasch is the CEO of the Pasch Consulting Group. Brian is a 20-year veteran of the direct marketing industry. His career has spanned both management and technology roles.

PCG works for and with an ever-growing number of businesses large and small from all over the country to maximize results of their digital marketing efforts.

Visit their automotive marketing website at: http://www.dealer-seo.com

Another award for TK Carsites! Way to go guys.

Nashville Digital Dealer Conference shows business improving

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As I sit here in the Nashville Convention Center and look around at the crowd mulling about exhibit hall, and the standing room only crowds in the breakout workshops, it’s clear to me that business must be coming back. 

  The dealers that I spoke with are looking to improve the way the reach customers and market their stores.  It seems like the biggest crowds were at the workshops and booths that featured SEO, SEM and Social Media. 

  I think it not only signals that business is coming back, but that a fundamental shift it the way dealers will approach marketing and advertising in the future.  I remember several years ago when the crowds were gathered around workshops and booths that featured websites.

  Are you prepared for the future?  Are you using Social Media to engage your customers?  If your not then you may want to start. 

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